Lot No 40 Cask Strength 55%


Dark fruits, searing spices, dark rye bread with pleasing bitter notes, sweet oak caramels, sesame oil, hints of wild flowers, a thread of vanilla and slightly pulling tannins that tie it all together. ★★★★★Almost from the day that Lot No. 40 was first released, Canadian whisky lovers have been asking for a cask strength version. Finally, the team at Corby has caved, releasing this 12 year old 100% rye edition at 55%.The raw rye spirit was distilled twice, first in a short column still, then in a copper pot which concentrates the rye spices and pleasant yeast characters to give a big flavourful bang on the palate. Ageing in new oak barrels provides counterpoint to the spicy rye by adding oak caramels, vanilla and slightly pulling tannins.The instant you pour it huge, dark, plummy fruit notes erupt from the glass. These dissolve into canned pears, dark rye bread, halva and an almost oily graininess - sesame seeds perhaps.The palate is huge, very spicy and sweet with a generous hit of bitter rye. The fruity notes become fresher but more generic and way in the background are the wafting fragrance of wild flowers.The oiliness returns along with an almost briny feel and a brisk peppery burn. Oak caramels are present throughout but they do not seem overly sweet. A generous dollop of water reveals more rye bread notes, floral tones and and hard slatey rye. The finish is long, long, long with a pleasant glow.This whisky is one of the 2017 Rare Releases of the Northern Border Collection.★★★★★ Very highly recommended.$69.95 at LCBO. Price subject to verification when it is released in October 2017.