Gooderham & Worts


Delicate floral tones, fresh-baked bread, clean but creamy palate with nutty dry grain, and a warming glow in the throat. ★★★★★Gooderham & Worts 2017A tightly integrated blend of whiskies made from four different grains – corn, wheat, rye and barley. Gooderham & Worts has been around for ages. It was one of the core whiskies produced at the original Gooderham & Worts distillery in Toronto.Dr. Don Livermore of Corby distillers, has recently re-formulated Gooderham and Worts to become a four-grain whisky.An ever-changing nose predicts flavours that evolve in your mouth. Barley-sugar-sweet without the sugary caramels so often found in whisky that has spent time in new barrels, it has wonderfully bready flavours on the tip of the tongue.As the whisky moves over the palate a juicy, sweet lushness develops and the whisky grows creamy and mouth filling. Faint nutty, grainy notes soon move to the fore, complemented by vague, almost cinnamon-like spices.Once the whisky gets to your throat though, if becomes briskly hot and glows all the way down with lovely overtones of cloves.Hints of fresh white cedar, barrels notes and dark fruits provide more structure and nuance than overt flavours.A long finish with a peppery glow, hints of oak, dark fruits and pithy orange peels leaves you with thoughts of yet another sip.Very highly recommended. ★★★★★$44.95 at LCBOAn earlier review is posted here.