Gooderham & Worts (44.4%)


Delicate floral tones, clean, crisp oak, dry grain, and pithy citrus notes. Tightly integrated and very complex. ★★★★★Gooderham and Worts Canadian WhiskyAre we living in a golden age for Canadian whisky? To taste the latest from Corby Distillers you would certainly think so. Gooderham & Worts four grain blend is the third outstanding whisky in their Whisky Guild series. Add these to two new Fall releases from Wiser's along with the rest of the Wiser's range and it's hard to know where to start tasting.What absolutely gorgeous whisky this is. The first whiff is like a bouquet of pansies - rich and delicately floral. Behind that sit red cedar and crispy barrel notes. Slowly, some dark fruits and mild sugars move to the fore. It's an ever-evolving and highly complex nose, and a whole lot of fun before you even taste the whisky. Finally it settles on a triple-beam balance of fruit, sweet flowers and a touch of oak.Spicy, peppery, and beautifully pulling on first sip, once again the floral notes jump out at you. With dry dusty grain, sweet fruit, and pithy orange peel there is just enough sweetness to hold everything together without the rush of caramel so often found in whisky that has spent time in new barrels. Using four grains - corn, rye, wheat and barley - has given Gooderham & Worts a broad range of cereal flavours. The whisky feels lush in your mouth and is simply jam-packed with flavour. So complex, yet so tightly integrated, it is difficult to tease all the separate elements apart.A long, peppery finish shows overtones of unmalted barley, dry orange peels, pleasingly bitter oak tannins and dark fruits.Clearly a superior whisky for the well-tempered palate.Very highly recommended. ★★★★★$44.95 at LCBO