Golden Wedding 40% abv


A simple but not simplistic whisky. Hot, peppery and slightly spirity and rich in toffee, with hints of burnt caramel and nutty dry grain. Rye notes come through as dusty, earthy and flinty, with suggestions of pickle juice along with cooked fruit and hints of flowers. A well balanced dram, Golden Wedding ends with typical Canadian whisky pithiness. Simple and enjoyable mixed with ginger ale, on ice or straight up.Golden Wedding is one of the successful American whiskeys that Louis Rosenstiel bought for a song then moved to Canada where he converted it into a respectable Canadian whisky. He distilled it at the Schenley distillery in Valleyfield, Quebec. With the sale of Schenley to Constellation Brands, production moved once again, this time to Black Velvet distillery in Lethbridge, Alberta.Across Canada, there are pockets where Golden Wedding is hugely popular. For example, for the most part, bars in Newfoundland carry only a few brands of whisky, but almost always, Golden Wedding is among them.  In a tall glass filled with ice it makes a most refreshing hot summer patio drink, and in winter warms the soul consumed straight. A simple whisky, and one well worth a try if you spot it on a bar in Canada.$24.95 at LCBO.★★★☆ Recommended.