Glynnevan Cabot Triple Barrelled Canadian Rye 45%


Quite sweet with rich dark rum influences ranging from oily blackstrap through herbal dunder. Brisk, sweet spices and pleasing strong barrel tones with touches of camphor and cinnamon candy in a robust, muscular body. Just brimming with flavour. ★★★★☆Glynnevan whiskies are produced by Guysborough, Nova Scotia’s Authentic Seacoast Distillery, and named for founder Glynn Williams and his son, Evan. While their own distillations mature, Glynnevan is putting a Nova Scotia tartan on whisky from Western Canada, by finishing it in a variety of barrels, some of them specific to Glynnevan.Cabot Triple Barrelled Canadian whisky spends a final period of maturation in freshly drained barrels that previously were filled with Authentic Seacoast’s own Fortress Rum. While they held rum, these barrels sat maturing in the Fortress of Louisville, historic 18th century stone and earth fortifications on nearby Cape Breton. Fortress rum is a favourite of locals and visitors to Nova Scotia. Its robust dark rum flavours bring a muscular richness to Glynnevan Cabot Triple Barrelled whisky.A strongly rum-influenced nose shows oiliness and blackstrap with hints of dunnage warehouse and a strong molasses undercurrent. On the palate, the whisky feels lush and tastes sweet with herbal notes reminiscent of dundery rums. Brisk sweet spices cinnamon, a hint of camphor, more oiliness and a strong woodiness on the back of the throat yield to mildly pulling tannins. The body is round and full. Finishes on hot spices, sweet molasses and a slight bitterness.Highly recommended  ★★★★☆$55 at the distillery.