Gibson's Finest Rare 12 - Canada Day 2018 40%


Butterscotch sweet, oak, peppery spices and baking spices, citrus fruit and peel, dark fruits. ★★★★Gibson’s Finest Rare 12 Year old is a classic in Canada - one of the country’s go-to whiskies. It captures perfectly, the classic elegant, flavourful Canadian rye style that is so popular in its home country. In America though, it is more than that. Gibson’s Finest has genuine cult status there. Cross border shoppers often write to find out where they can buy certain whiskies when they visit Canada, and as often as not, the whisky they are looking for is this one. Good news. Gibson’s Finest whiskies are available in most Canadian liquor stores. If by chance you don’t come across a liquor store while you are here, and whether you are driving or flying, you can still pick up a bottle when you cross the border. Most duty free stores also sell Gibson’s.This special edition of Gibson’s Rare 12 year old, is the same whisky we’ve enjoyed for decades. The success last year of a Canada 150 edition has prompted Gibson’s to release a special collectible label version again, this time to celebrate Canada Day 2018. This is classic Canadiana in a bottle; enjoy!Nose: Caramel, butterscotch, rye spices, hints of dry grain, Classic Canadian rye, sweet, peppery hot with barrels tones and undefined fruitiness. Vague hints of dry tobacco.Palate: Crisp clean, hot spices, some citrus notes, lime peels? Slippery and mouth filling hot peppers, baking spices, bitter citrus pith with hints of black tea.Finish: Long sweet and peppery with an enticing bitterish finale and a gentle glow that seems to last forever.Empty Glass: Butterscotch, hints of oak, woody with dark fruits.Highly recommended. ★★★★$33.45 at LCBO.An earlier review of Gibson's Finest 12 year old is published here.Gibson's Finest 8 year old Bold is reviewed here.Gibson’s Finest 100th Grey Cup Limited Edition is reviewed here.Gibson’s Finest Sterling Edition is reviewed here.Gibson’s Finest Rare 18 year old reviewed here.Gibson’s Finest Rare Bourbon Cask reviewed here.