Dillon's - The White Rye 40%


Simple, gingery hot, and sweet, with hints of peppermint and licorice.Dillon's hand-craft their Canadian rye grain spirit in a copper pot still, using 100% Ontario-grown rye grain. Some of it they put away to mature into whisky. They also bottle some of this spirit without ageing it in wood, thus showcasing the pristine flavours of the rye grain itself. It's a simple and solid dram with an explosively powerful energy, flavourful palate and surprisingly long finish. It's not whisky (yet) but when it is, it's going to be a dandy.Without the rounding that maturation in barrels brings, the youthful character and eager friskiness of new make provide an experience that is both powerful and satisfying. Dillon's The White Rye is made one small batch at a time for those who, as the  Dillons put it, know their Smiths from their Wessons.Nose: New make whisky then mild peppermint. Very clean. Aromas of mashed grain and slightly beery.Palate: Peppery sweet, floral, and spicy hot like ginger. Simple, clean and hot with hot licorice, especially in the middle and strong flavours of grain mash. Beautifully crafted. Longish with a vaguely bitter finish. Very promising for the whisky that will come from it. The abv seems higher than 40%.Finish: Vaguely bitter before it fades to nothing.Empty Glass: Dust, an empty grain bin, wet rocks in a fast-flowing creek.Recommended. $ 37.45