Canadian Rockies 10 Year Old 40% alc/vol


An excellent example of a well-aged Canadian whisky with bold displays of gingery spice, pepper, exotic fruit - kumquats, passion fruit - and oak. Finishes with a slight pleasing pithiness. ★★★★☆When Steven Lin first tasted Canadian Rockies Ten Years his eyes grew large. "Elegant!" he exclaimed. Later, he told his Facebook friends, "This delicate Canadian whiskey reconciles bourbon, oak, vanilla, and  toffee flavours. I served it with my last box of caviar. God! Such unprecedented good feelings."This wonderfully balanced, tightly integrated Canadian whisky has just been launched as a Taiwan exclusive. In Taiwan, Lin's endorsement means a lot. He is the founder and proprietor of Taipei's most famous and best-loved whisky bar, Back Yard. In his twelve years as a bar owner Lin has stocked well over 2,000 whiskies, and he only serves the best.A huge range of single malts from Scotland and Japan is dotted here in there with bourbons and the one Canadian whisky that has made his connoisseur's cut. Now Lin has added two more Canadians to his range: Canadian Rockies 10 year old, and its stable-mate, the luscious, creamy Canadian Rockies 21 year old.The whisky comes from Canada's smallest traditional distillery. Highwood Distillers is nestled near the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in the bleary-eyed town of High River, Alberta. The whisky is mashed and brought to bottle strength using glacial water from those nearby mountains. Canadian Rockies Ten was distilled, matured, and bottled as a single batch. Specially selected by Thomas Chen of the Fountana Group, Canadian Rockies 10 year old was launched to enthusiastic response on October 25, 2012 in Taipei.Jackie Lin gives Thomas Chen a thumbs up at Taipei launch of Canadian Rockies whisky.

Nose: Full and rich with rye spices, citrus peel, crisp oak, and creamy butterscotch. Vague hints of maple syrup. Just lovely.Palate: Sweet butterscotch, dried black fruit, hot pepper, hot ginger, rye spices, then sweet caramel. Sweet and sour kumquats and floral hints of passion fruit.Finish: Lovely cleansing citrus pith, white grapefruit, warming spices. Leaves the palate refreshed.Empty glass: Red cedar, some fruitiness and hints of butterscotch.Highly recommended. ★★★★☆Taiwan exclusive.Canadian Rockies 21 year old is reviewed here.Canadian Rockies 10 year old Canadian whisky - Taiwan exclusive