Still Waters releases Stalk & Barrel Single Malt


Vaughan, Ontario, April 16, 2013 - Still Waters Distillery announces the release of the first Single Malt Whisky to be distilled, aged and bottled in Ontario. STALK & BARREL SINGLE MALT WHISKY will be released on Saturday, April 27, 2013, exclusively at Still Waters Distillery’s on-site distillery retail store.All STALK & BARREL SINGLE MALT WHISKY will be bottled as single cask offerings in individually numbered bottles. The whisky is made by hand from 100% Canadian two-row malted barley in small batches in a custom-built copper pot still. It is bottled with no chill-filtering or artificial colouring. The initial release was drawn from the first few casks of whisky made at the distillery in 2009 and will be offered at full cask strength. A limited number of bottles will initially be available directly from the distillery.  Still Waters will also be offering Stalk & Barrel to Ontario residents online.Supply really is small as the bulk of this new single malt has already been allocated to markets outside the province, including the US and Sweden. Future casks will be bottled and offered for sale as they mature. Distiller and company co-founder, Barry Bernstein, said, “We set out to restore the tradition of small batch craft distilling in Ontario that goes back centuries. This whisky is the culmination of four years of hard work and patience.”Barry Stein, co-founder and fellow distiller remarked, “We are already seeing incredible interest for our single malt whisky and have increased our production to meet future demand”.Still Waters Distillery is Ontario’s first grain-to-glass micro-distillery. Their focus is on handmade whiskies, with their STALK & BARREL SINGLE MALT WHISKY being the first release. A rye whisky will be released in the future to extend the product line.Still Waters Distillery has already established a stellar reputation among whisky aficionados with their  award-winning blended Canadian whisky, an award-winning single malt vodka, and a brandy.A 46% barrel sample of Stalk & Barrel poured recently at Whisky Live in New York was rich, creamy and fruity and at 4 years of age had matured into a full-bodied sipper. This speaks well of these two new natural cask strength Canadian singe malts!Cheers, Barry and Barry! and Slainte!  You did it. You brought craft distilling AND single malt whisky production to Ontario and you've done it with whisky we can all be proud of!  BRAVO!As long as supplies hold out Stalk & Barrel can be purchased at Still Waters on-site retail distillery store. The shop is open Monday to Thursday
 from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and Friday
 from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm. If you can’t make it weekdays they have been known to open by appointment on Saturday or Sunday.The shop and distillery are located at 150 Bradwick Drive,
Unit #26., in Concord, Ontario. That's just on the northern edge of Toronto about 15 minutes north of the Downsview subway station, just south of Langstaff Road, and one block west of Dufferin St. 150 Bradwick is tucked in behind #140 and #160.First impressions:I have tasted Stalk and Barrel cask #3 (46%) and I find it quite flavourful but I am not ready to write tasting notes. It is young and it tastes young but it is very rich and creamy, fruity and spicy. If you want to experience a new, young, very well-crafted single malt whisky, this is a good place to start.From Dave K.  I'm with you Davin. Just opened up my bottle of Cask #2 and I think your descriptors fruity, spicy, rich and creamy are right on the money, along with a nice barley sugar sweetness, and a very appealing waxiness. It is amazingly drinkable at cask strength, and swims like a champ. With water both the spice and wax grow a little but still backed by a wonderful fruitiness. I bought a bottle of Cask #1 and one of Cask #2 on Saturday, and if I wasn't already home in North Carolina I'd go back and buy a couple more bottles. I really like the idea of supporting people that are taking a chance, doing something innovative, and making a great product in the process.From my buddy, Blair in Toronto who is holding my bottles: Cask#1 It's a prodigy like a young kid who plays the piano better than the older kid.From @Bravado on twitter: You guys hit it way out of the park with cask #1 of Stalk & Barrel.Bottling Stalk & Barrel on @StillWatersD