Outlaw Poets Serenade Canadian Whisky


British Columbia country music group, the Outlaw Poets have just recorded a song about our favourite beverage - Canadian whisky. Listen and view here on their YouTube channel.According to their website, "The Outlaw Poets band is made up of four friends from the Fraser Valley area who have a passion to play and write music.  The band is influenced by the music of Gord Bamford, Dean Brodie, Tim Hicks, and Johnny Cash, to name a few.  In their songs you will hear bits of the blues, rock, country rock, classic country, and bluegrass – all blended with a strong Canadian theme.  Active members of the BCCMA, the Outlaw Poets bring an energetic and genuine approach to writing and performing music. Their sound has been described as ‘Canadiana Country.’"Canadian Whisky was written by Bill Taylor and James Stanway of the Outlaw Poets.Thanks boys, for writing the song that tells of Canada's passion for Canadian whisky! (And for letting me pillage your website for the lead photo and quote.)