Malt Whisky Yearbook 2013


We're a little late off the mark this year in welcoming the latest edition of Ingvar Ronde's Malt Whisky Yearbook. Starting each year in September, a new edition of the yearbook is eagerly anticipated by malt whisky fans world-wide. Canadian whisky still does not figure large in the book, but it will, as malt whiskies from Still Waters, Shelter Point, Last Mountain. Okanagan and several other smaller distilleries join the already prolific output of Glenora. Here, in point form is how Ingvar describes this year's all-new edition:

  • Distillery Section completely revised with all the latest news
  • Chapter on Foreign Distilleries now bigger than ever - no fewer than 188 distilleries
  • New exciting articles by distinguished writers such as Charles MacLean, Ian Buxton, Gavin D Smith, Dominic Roskrow, Neil Ridley, Ian Wisniewski and Jonny McCormick
  • Completely new Japanese chapter by Nicholas Coldicott
  • More than 250 tasting notes, including Japanese malts and independent bottlings
  • Meet brand ambassadors, retailers and whisky evangelists in Working on the Frontline
  • Learn about Whisky Cocktails and Whisky Tapas
  • Expanded section on Independent Bottlers
  • Last year´s success, Meet the Manager, continues with ten new interviews
  • The Whisky Year That Was - the most comprehensive summary you´ll find of the news and trends in the industry
  • All the latest info on bottlings, web sites, whisky shops, books as well as the latest statistics and figures
  • More than 500 colour photos
  • All in all - the most up-to-date malt whisky book on the market!

Malt Whisky Yearbook 2006 to 2013 and beyond . . .