Introducing Wiser's Whiskey For Austin Texas


For Immediate ReleaseAustin, TX - Wiser's fans searching for Wiser's Canadian Whiskey in Austin, Texas are looking in the right place thanks to McCormick Distilling Company. McCormick Distilling Company brings the Canadian Whiskey legend to Austin, Texas. Wiser's has a solid reputation for delivering the finest Whiskey north of the border. More than 150 years in the making J.P. Wiser built a reputation that goes into every bottle. All new to Austin, it's no secret to a world of Whiskey fans. Nothing beats the Wiser's flavor; full, rich fragrance of dried fruits, caramel, vanilla and well balanced hint of mature oak. Wiser's is known for quality and integrity. For additional information Wiser's fans are invited to visit the company web site at other Whiskey brings the same flavor to a glass. Wiser's has an international reputation you can taste in every drink you pour. Because Texans appreciate the best, Wiser's fine Whiskey is coming to Austin through McCormick Distilling. Popular for taste and quality, Wisers makes the best mixed drinks. Straight or in mixed drinks, Wiser's makes every drink special with a rich amber tint and a warm glow. McCormick Distilling Company announces popular Wiser's De Luxe Whiskey for Austin, Texas. Every bottle is distilled and aged to perfection. If it says Wiser's, you know it's got a reputation for perfection. Wiser's De Luxe is making it's way to Austin where Texans appreciate a great drink and a tradition. It's just not a party until the Wiser's is open. Wiser's Whiskey is the brand fans ask for when they ask for the best in Austin.About J.P. WiserJ.P. Wiser's ambition for his distillery was simple: to produce the highest quality whiskey "that pleases the nose, tongue, and eye." Using only superior ingredients, Wiser's Whiskey is aged to distinction in premium white oak barrels. Even today, Wiser's Whiskey is still hand made using traditional methods to ensure that the final product still lives up to the standards set out over a century and a half ago. Wiser's De Luxe, Reserve and 18 Whiskey is the standard for Whiskey and favorite of millions. Next time ask for Wiser's.About McCormick Distilling CompanyMcCormick Distilling, located in historic Weston, Missouri, is the oldest continuously operating distillery in the U.S. McCormick is stronger than ever with an exciting new mix of innovative products, exceptional quality and remarkable value. It's an unrivaled combination - based on over 150 years of experience and an ongoing commitment to the future.Wiser's Legacy introduced here.Wiser's 18 year old reviewed here.Wiser's Red Letter reviewed here.Wiser's Small Batch reviewed here.