Canadian Whisky Videos


Weekends can be a bit slow here at so for a change of pace I've posted some links to Canadian whisky videos on the web. While the amusing Wiser's "slow clap" television commercials and Canadian Club bear painting video use humour to promote Canadian whisky, Phillips Distilling's manic 1967 introduction to Canadian whisky seems more like a Super-8 home movie that a naughty cousin slipped onto YouTube without telling the rest of the family.An informative, short tour of the Crown Royal warehouses at the Gimli, Manitoba distillery with its 1.6 million barrels of sleeping whisky puts into perspective the 20,000 barrels John Hall talks about in six educational looks at the history, production and processes he uses at the Kittling Ridge Distillery where he makes his his Forty Creek whiskies. Still Waters Distillery has about a dozen barrels of single malt spirit sleeping just meters from their custom-made copper pot still. For now they rely on their single malt vodka for cash-flow. Here we tour their craft distillery in the Toronto suburb of Concord, Ontario.The Black Velvet girl may be all glitz but the leisure-suited dude in a Movember spoof of The Wiserhood most certainly is not. And who can watch whisky videos without thinking of the ever-eccentric ralfy, currently going viral in whisky Blogistan, and seen here in one of his earliest reviews (his second actually). A re-creation of the 1969 orientation slide show Corby Distilleries used for visitors, provides a rare glimpse into the workings of this now-flattened piece of Canadian whisky history. The mysteries of bottling are revealed in a tour of the bottling line at Black Velvet distillery in Lethbridge. Notice how the empty bottles arrive already packed in the same Black Velvet cartons that will be used to ship the finished whisky to market. There are links to reviews of these whiskies below each video. Enjoy!Davin de Kergommeaux discusses Canadian whisky with Brian Lilley on Sun News show, BylineCanadian Whisky on Byline with Brian Lilley.Shelter Point Distillery in British Columbia, CanadaShelter Point Distillery 2013.Davin de Kergommeaux and Jeff Hopper discuss Canadian whisky on CTVCanadian whisky on CTV with Jeff Hopper.John K. Hall and ralfy Mitchell discuss Canadian oak barrelsJohn Hall discusses Canadian Oak with Ralfy Mitchell.Alberta Premium 30 year old Limited EditionAlberta Premium 30 Year Old.Cooper at Midleton Distilliery in Ireland explains cooper's tools.Using traditional cooper's tools (Midleton distillery, Ireland).Shelter Point Canadian single malt distillery on Vancouver Island, British ColumbiaFunny Wiser's Rock climbing commercial.Review of Wiser's 18 year old whisky review here,Review of Wiser's Red letter here,Review of Wiser's Legacy here.John Hall, Kittling Ridge Distillery, and Forty Creek Whisky part oneReview of Forty Creek Barrel Select here,Review of Forty Creek Double Barrel Reserve here,Review of Forty Creek Confederation Oak Reserve here.Still Waters Distillery single malt whisky, rye, and single malt vodka Complete coverage of Still Waters' single malt whisky spirit, Canadian blended whiskies, and single malt vodka here.Making whisky barrels in Diageo Cooperage (Scotland).John Hall, Kittling Ridge Distillery, and Forty Creek Whisky part twoThe new Forty Creek Confederation Oak is reviewed here (same as link in part 1).Phillips Distilling campy short film from 1967 - the folks who now bring us Revel StokeRevel Stoke spiced whisky review on here.The Copper Pot Stills of Forty Creek Whisky part threeForty Creek Double Barrel Reserve reviewed here (same as link in part 1).A peek inside a Crown Royal whisky warehouse at their Gimli distillery. Crown Royal Black reviewed here,Crown Royal Limited Edition reviewed here,Crown Royal XR reviewed here,Crown Royal Cask No. 16 reviewed here.The barrel ageing cellar at Kittling Ridge Distillery part 4Forty Creek Barrel Select reviewed here (same as link in part 1).Bear Tagging with Canadian Club (Australian humour)Canadian Club 30 year old reviewed here,Canadian Club 20 year old reviewed here,Canadian Club 15 year old reviewed here,Canadian Club Classic 12 year old reviewed here,Canadian Club 10 year old reviewed here,Canadian Club 8 year old Sherry Cask reviewed here.WhistlePig 100% Canadian Rye Whisky review with Jason PyleWhistlePig rye reviewed here on Forty Creek Barrel Select part 5Forty Creek Barrel Select reviewed here (same link as in part 1).Recreated from the 1969 slide show used for distillery tours at the now-demolished Corbyville distillery.State of the art bottling line at Black Velvet distillery in Lethbridge.Black Velvet 3 year old reviewed here,Black Velvet Deluxe reviewed here,Black Velvet Reserve 8 year old reviewed here.History of Black Velvet here.Welcome to the Movemberhood - Wiser's spoofThe new Wiser's Legacy reviewed here. (same as link above).John Hall and his Forty Creek whiskies.An early ralfy turns his attention to Glen Breton Canadian single maltGlen Breton Battle of the Glen reviewed here.Black Velvet Canadian whisky - Black is back television commercialBlack Velvet 3 year old reviewed here,Black Velvet Deluxe reviewed here,Black Velvet 8 year old Reserve reviewed here.History of Black Velvet here (Same links as above).