Canadian Whisky - the Comeback Category


The “Comeback Category” has a Single Barrel and a Small Batch Offering To Fit Any BudgetNEW ORLEANS, LA. (June 1, 2011) – With Father’s Day just around the corner, it’s time to get dear ol’ dad some amazing new whisky from a long forgotten category.Until recently, Canadian whisky had declined in prestige as consumer tastes moved to products like Bourbon and Scotch. But that is changing and Canadian Whisky is now enjoying a renaissance of sorts as distillers like Sazerac have come out with premium offerings such as Caribou Crossing, the world’s first single barrel Canadian whisky, and Royal Canadian Small Batch Canadian whisky.“We introduced Caribou Crossing and Royal Canadian Small Batch last Spring and both brands are really starting to gain traction,” said Kevin Richards, Canadian Whisky brand manager at Sazerac, “Consumers are starting to become interested again in the Canadian whisky segment and with both of these brands picking up some very nice awards and ratings in the last year, consumers are becoming curious about rediscovering this once very popular segment of the liquor store.”In the past year, Caribou Crossing has received a 93 rating from John Hansell at Malt Advocate; was named "2010 Canadian Whisky of the Year” by; won a double gold medal at the 2010 San Francisco World Spirits Competition; a gold medal and “90” rating from (Beverage Testing Institute); a gold medal and “90” rating at the 2010 Ultimate Spirits Challenge; a silver medal and best in class at the 2010 International Wine and Spirits Competition; and a bronze medal at the 2010 Los Angeles International Wine and Spirits Competition.Whisky buffs can expect to taste radiantly-hued nectar with a nod to the tantalizing silky texture provided by the barrel. The rye grain cuts through the wood flavors making its spicy presence known without risking the creamy vanilla custard smoothness. The finish is oak with an orangey tang.Not to be outdone, Royal Canadian Small Batch won a gold medal and “90” rating from (Beverage Testing Institute); a “90” rating from Wine Enthusiast; a silver medal in the 2011 Ultimate Spirits Challenge; and a bronze medal at the 2011 World Spirits Competition. Royal Canadian is sweet and smoky like a Memphis BBQ. The initial sip is velvety smooth with huge flavors. There is a nutty praline sweetness that slides through the creamy rich sensations. The finish is a bold reminder that this is whiskey and the citrus-spicy conclusion just leaves you with the desire for the next notable sip.“Both Caribou Crossing and Royal Canadian are leading the comeback for the Canadian whisky category. When you can offer something new and different such as a single barrel or small batch, consumers are starting to realize that the category has merit and has changed from what their parents used to drink,” said Drew Mayville, Sazerac’s master blender who created both Caribou Crossing and Royal Canadian Small Batch. “The whole Canadian whisky market has so much potential right now and it’s really an exciting time to be in on it.”It was Mayville himself who hand-selected the barrels used for Caribou Crossing, choosing the most mature and flavor-rich samples available and overseeing the bottling of each individual barrel.The Royal Canadian Small Batch underwent the same stringent selection process under Mayville’s watchful eye.The two Canadian whiskies make ideal gifts for Father’s Day, and are at price points for discriminating budgets. The Caribou Crossing retails for $49.99 for a 750 ml and the Royal Canadian Small Batch is $24.99 for a 750 ml.As an extra bonus, Caribou Crossing comes in an elegant gift box, taking care of the gift wrapping for you. But no matter which one you choose, dad will know you think he’s hip too with a gift of this fine Canadian whisky.Caribou Crossing is reviewed here.Royal Canadian Small Batch is reviewed here.