Canadian Whisky Paperback Edition


This little book may be portable, but make no mistake, it is chock full of fantastic info. - from WhiskyRob's Amazon review.Fills an enormous hole in the high-end whisky Zeitgeist. - from Joshua G, Feldman's Amazon review.Very interesting and informative even for a person who has already read several books about whiskey. - from Albert Esalnikov's Amazon review.This book is very thorough yet easy to read, a great overview of an under-appreciated product. - from Frogged's Amazon review.Great stories and excellent history. - from Bushido's Amazon review.Excellent background and details on a sector of distilled spirits that has previously received little coverage. A useful reference for anyone interested in whisky. - from A.P.'s Amazon review.After reading this authorative book, you will be an expert on Canadian whisky. – from B. Patrick’s Amazon review.Excellent informative book. - from martyn cannon’s Amazon review.In this Gourmand Book Award- and IACP Award-winning book, Davin de Kergommeaux takes readers on a journey through the first systematic presentation of Canadian whisky: how it's made, who makes it, why it tastes the way it does, its history, and the rich, centuries-old folklore surrounding it.Join whisky authority Davin de Kergommeaux on a pan-Canadian journey from British Columbia to Nova Scotia, celebrating the diversity of Canada's unique spirit. With his conversational and accessible tutelage, de Kergommeaux offers readers a carefully researched, reliable, and authoritative guide to Canadian whisky that is, quite simply, not available anywhere else. Not only a book describing the history and culture of the spirit, Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert is also an informed exploration of taste. For the first time, whisky consumers -- experts and novices alike -- can approach Canadian whisky with a connoisseur's appreciation of its rich subtleties.

Canadian Whisky: The Portable Expert - paperback edition May 13, 2014

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