Canadian Feature in Whisky Magazine 98


Whisky Magazine has published another Canadian whisky tour. This one visits five distilleries in eastern Canada.Shortly after the 911 attacks, the U.S. passed legislation instituting strict security at manufacturing plants that ship goods into the U.S. by truck. As this applies to whisky, since then there has been a strict policy of NO VISITORS in Canadian distilleries. America buys as much as 70% of the whisky made in Canada so there's no way any one is going to bend the policy.This means touring Canadian distilleries must be done through the eyes of journalists who have the patience to negotiate the security. My tour took place over a period of more than two years, with many false starts along the way. Read more about it in Permission to Tour. Then take a detailed look at the Hiram Walker distillery in Walkerville, right across the border from Detroit in a piece called Joining the Club.