A Field Guide To Canadian Cocktails


Book Review - A Field Guide to Canadian Cocktails by Scott McCallum & Victoria WalshObsessed cocktail alchemist, Scott McCallum and ex-associate food editor for Chatelaine magazine, Victoria Walsh, have created a cornucopia of Canada's favourite cocktails, some their own and others gathered from Canada's most accomplished bartenders.It's a fun book, beautifully illustrated with Walsh's food and drink stylings. Aspiring home bartenders, your introduction to the wonderful world of mixed potations begins here. At the same time, experienced mixologists will harvest sheaves of local Canadian bounty: recipes, drinking traditions and mixing approaches as practiced across this vast land.After a brief overview of basic cocktail techniques, the authors dive right in with more than 100 recipes and methodologies for making the best cocktails our country has to offer. We quickly discover that Canada's contributions to cocktail culture did not stop with the Bloody Caesar. But then again, there are a few variations on that as well, including one made with fresh white tomatos.What cocktails do you serve with cheese or oysters? Where do you harvest wild ingredients and how do you make everything on the non-spirits ingredient list, from our famous tomato-clam juice through herbs and flavoured tonics to simple syrup? Comprehensive and fun to read.Why no one has thought of writing this book sooner is beyond me.Order Canadian Cocktails here on Amazon.